2021 Year of the Yin Metal OX - What can we expect from the Chinese new year?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new lunar year on the traditional Chinese calendar. This year, the new moon and new year falls on Feb 12th UK time. The Chinese new year is a time to honour heavenly deities, respect our ancestors and spend time celebrating, feasting with loved ones.

People born in a certain year are believed to have attributes of a specific animal, these animals can also represent hours of the day and directions. The Chinese calendar is based on 12 earthly branches, each represented by an animal and one of the five elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Metal and Water. On a deeper level, each earthly branch is characterised by a Yin or Yang force alongside its element.

2021 is the year of the Metal Ox and has strong Yin energy. But what does this mean? And what can we expect for the year to come?

Last year 2020, we were in year of the Rat, the force was fast, hard, active yang whilst the element was water. Water as an element changes all the time, never stagnant or stale. Theres definitely no argument that 2020 was an absolute rollercoaster of a ride so we can see that its element was water, with the directive, strong powerful yang force.

The Ox element is Earth, representing stability and nourishment with soft, slow and passive Yin energy. An extremely grounding time thats perfect to nourish and blossom new relationships. Metal as an element symbolises duration, persistence and loyalty. 2021 is actually considered a year of good luck in the Chinese calendar so lets hope that this is true for all of us! It's a year we will feel the full weight of our responsibilities, working twice as hard to get things done with a steady, patient attitude. Generally as an animal and a symbol, an Ox is considered an animal of strength that is associated with harvests and fertility. The Ox is very hardworking and methodical and has been represented in religion, art, literature and popular culture throughout east Asia for centuries.

From these statements alone we can really see a theme here for what is true amidst this worldwide pandemic, a time for nesting, making our homes our full time habitat and working hard towards the changes needed to move forward in these new times!

So please be patient with yourself this year, be kind to yourself, speak softly to yourself. Focus more on your home life, building on family and romantic relationships rather than expect too much elsewhere this year. It is the perfect time to hone in on self love, acceptance and allowing things to just be. We can aid this by performing rituals and taking part in personal ceremonies, meditation, journaling, yoga, qi gong or any other kind of internal energy work.

We have released a bunch of cleanse sets to aid this journey and set a reminder of what this year really is about.

Happy Year of the Ox!!!Sending loving, grounding energy to you all!!

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