Creating a sacred space thats right for you. Includes a self inventory questionnaire!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

What does sacred mean to you and in what way does it resonate with your soul?

Creating a sacred space needs to be 100% personal and it needs to sing to your soul in order for you to fully achieve your own self healing. We are all completely unique and individual, it can be easy for us to examine what other people are doing and try to recreate such an act. But is this really the best approach for you?

Maybe you are after a more physical approach such as yoga to feel better about your body and self image, maybe you feel you people please and wish to look at your own happiness by delving into your inner child - this is what you as a child learned before puberty. The pureness of our nature before adopting any of society’s expectations. Maybe you simply think too much and wish to maintain a regular meditation habit. Really think about the habits or patterns that may be having a little too much control over your life and how you can effectively create the space you need to really nurture these self help practices.

Writing lists down of these things can really help aid the process, at the bottom of this article please find a bunch of questions which may provide you with a bit more understanding. I created this especially for you!

So first of all, choose a space in your home you feel mostly relaxed in. Maybe it has large windows to let in a lot of light. If you have coloured walls maybe the colour of that room resonates with you most. Theres a lot that comes with colour psychology, look it up if you're not sure and find the ways in which a colour may help your subconscious mind. For example If you feel your lacking self love or passion, you may wish to paint your room or just one wall red or pink, or hang a picture up of the goddess venus, which then takes us to our second part....

What items do you connect to?

You may be into Feng Shui by directing and manipulating the energy in the room or you may simply like snuggling up to fluffy textures and blankets. Not only is comfort important but having reminders or something to focus your attention on really aids the mindfulness that goes into your practice.

Crystals, stones, candles, photos, symbolic images, quotes, tarot cards, deities etc all have extreme importance in directing our will and strengthening our faith into our practice. Faith is the strongest human emotion, when we truly believe in something we are able to direct our will ten times greater than if we lacked it in the first place.

Lastly, what smells or music do you connect to? Both of these can make or break a self healing practice. Our senses are extremely powerful and have a strong hold over our subconscious mind. We only need to take a look at Alzheimer patients and the way in which music can completely bring back memories from their past which was until then completely forgotten about. A smell may take you back to a certain place or person. Essential oils, woods, resins and herbs are hugely beneficial for their potent healing powers, every plant holds an energetic body and vibration that resonates with our own. Plants can serve us in a magnitude of ways. Some have the ability to take us to spiritual realms like the visionary plants of ayahuasca or peyote. Some plants, like the culinary herbs, make food taste better and serve as physical healers. Some plants like lavender soothe a troubled mind and tension filled bodies. Plants are sacred, alive and simply without them, we would not exist!

Just like we need food and water for human survival, we also need ceremonies and rituals to survive, they create a sense of belonging within us on a deeper level. Ceremonies remind us that there is something greater than we are able to perceive. They stretch beyond the boundaries of our basic sensory inputs in the physical world; they create an awe of the universe and help us understand paradigms of unity, connection, continuity and devotion. Each time we dedicate the time and space for such acts we create a better bond with ourselves and the rest of humanity.

To help aid the process we have a bunch of healing sets of herbs and woods available to buy, all carefully selected for their unique attributes.

We also have other sacred items such as blessed buddhist amulets from Thailand, essential oil chakra room sprays, notebooks for journaling, Tibetan prayer stones and more!!!

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And below I have constructed a little self inventory questionnaire which could help you understand your emotions a little better and hopefully give you some guidance.

It is also beneficial to go back over these questions after a time period of doing any self help practice to see how you answer them differently and to know you are on the right track!

What do you feel is a strong emotional trigger in your life?

How do you feel when thinking about this? sick? tight chest? angry?

Does your pain manifest physically or emotionally. Or both?

If you are unsure, do you have any aches or pains that never go away. An upset stomach, bad digestion? Do you feel this could be connected to the above?

What areas of your body are feeling good?

Do your emotions effect your social or family life?

What colours make you feel happy or lift your senses?

What emotions make you feel good, or what makes you feel supported that leads you into a space of where you like to be?

Are there any smells that remind you of happy times?

Is there a country or culture you feel more connected to?

Which out of the five senses do you feel is strongest? touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste?

Which one do you feel is your weakest?

What chapter or age in your life would you say was/is the happiest? Would you go back there? Why?

What ideals do you have in life? What is your life purpose or goal? This could be as simple as ‘to be happy’

What steps could you put in place to help you achieve this goal?

What time of day do you feel you're at your best? mornings or evenings?

What do you view or define as true beauty?

Do you view these attributes in yourself or just others?

At what times do you feel disconnected or cut off from a higher source?

What times do you feel connected and guided spiritually?

Do you have routine in your life or are you quite scattered?

How can you come up with a plan to support all of the above answers and put it into action?

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