Spring almanac / seasonal care guide

I absolutely LOVE Spring, it’s an interesting month; the seeds of change we planted within ourselves start to take place bringing our goals and creative energy to fruition!

Previously, March was considered the start of the year by the ancient Roman calendar, for March represents new beginnings - we see warmer weather, seedlings and trees start to bloom and our precious day light hours begin to increase with the arrival of The Spring Equinox. This could be seen as an energetic gateway or portal and is considered the astrological new year to many Astrologers. Common festive themes at this time are emerging out of Winter, the rebirth of nature, fertility, growth and new beginnings.

Below is a list of this seasons celebrations, energy shifts, self care, rituals, celebrations, crystals for the season, essential oils for health and more!

The bottom of this article features a list of items you can buy to support your Spring cleanse.

Multiple items purchased will be posted as a Spring almanac gift set!

Firstly, Spring is associated with Wood energy - renewal, cleansing, growth and creating.

It’s associated emotion is anger and the associated organ is the Liver.

Kickstart the season with a detox & liver cleanse.

The Liver is responsible for the free and easy flow of blood, energy and emotions around your body, its also the bodies largest organ supplying energy to all the other organs, so it’s important to replenish this energy for our own internal renewal.

Self care rituals - Dry brush your body to awaken your circulation.

Go for a hike or run, release stagnant physical and emotional energy.

Take a shot of Apple cider vinegar to help release toxins and awaken the digestive system. You can add this to Lemon water.

Alcohol detox to help support the Liver cleanse.

Tongue scraping and oil pulling enhance detoxification and cleansing.

March 8th - International women’s day!! A fitting time to have this celebration seeing March is about rebirth, regrowth, fertility and new beginnings.

March 14th - Clocks go back and daylight hours increase.

March 17th - St Patrick’s day - the celebration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and the life of Saint Patrick.

March 20th - Spring equinox - Ostara.

Ostara is the ancient Germanic goddess of Spring whose symbol was a rabbit or hare. She is a maiden aspect of the great Mother Goddess, bringing lightness and hope. Eggs were hidden in her honour to symbolise fertility and she was also a moon goddess, her celebrations were held at the full moon closest to the Equinox.

Celebrate with Sun salutations, yoga, qi gong or other energy work.

Crystals for Spring

Emerald - the stone of love, loyalty, renewal, rebirth and growth.

Moonstone - new beginnings and rebirth.

Aquamarine - March birthstone. Calming, soothing and de stress. Helps communication.

Then any other green and brown coloured stone for their connection to the wood element - Peridot is a great one!

Moon phases:

March 13th - New moon

March 21st - First quarter

March 28th - Full moon

April 4th - Last quarter

April 12th - New moon

April 20th - First Quarter

April 27th - SUPERMOON Full moon

Let go of any resentments or grudges, anything you feel that’s holding you back. Now is the time to try and have a release. Journaling, being out in nature and self reflecting is a great activity for March.

Prep the body for allergies and hay fever. Purchase some local bee pollen.

Essential oils for healing -

Any citrus oils are great for seasonal allergies, citrus also boosts the mood and adds vitality to the spirit.

Eucalyptus and peppermint is also good for allergies due to them being anti microbial, anti inflammatory and help cleasne the breathing passage.

Chamomile supports digestive function which is great for cleansing and is great for loosening joints which can become painful from the cold winter.

Thyme reduces any inflammation and helps respiratory discomfort.

Oregano strengthens the immune system.

Lavender is a good all year round oil.

April 3rd - good Friday.

April 22nd - Earth Day.

Herbs to grow from seeds - coriander, dill, lemon balm, borage, sage, thyme, parsley, mint.

Veg to grow from seeds - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, spinach, peas, chard, radish, cabbage, broad beans, courgette, broccoli, beetroot.

Prune any vines or climbing plants in the garden as this will help kickstart their spring growth.

Bitter is the taste the corresponds to spring.

Mother Earth, always being the wiser, provides bitter weeds to balance the stagnation and heaviness we accumulate during the winter. So harvesting these wild herbs and weeds means we are living in accordance to nature which helps aid digestion for clearing and detoxing.

Weeds to consume for spring - dandelion, burdock, marshmallow root, milk thistle, fennel, red clover and nettle. Teas are a great way to consume these.

Spring is also a wonderful time to learn plant ID’s and observe how the plants grow, change and mature through the following seasons. Plant apps are wonderful, Leaf snap is a great one, I’ve found so many edible weeds in my garden already!

Plant bulbs and perennial herbs and flowers.

Feed the garden with either manure pellets (I use chicken pellets) or liquid sea weed to prepare the soil for planting.

Cleanse the home with sage. Now is the best time to rid the house of stagnant energy, open all the windows to let fresh air in. Burning herbs and cleansing plants banish heavy, negative energy from your auric field and their smoke has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties so any cleansing herb ritual is a wonderful activity for now.

Bless your plants, bless your home, bless you garden. Sending blessings help raise the vibration of your home and helps plants grow and also yourself to bloom.

Below is a list of items you can buy on the site to support your Spring clean and seasonal shift.

Click on the name to purchase, when purchasing a number of items it will be posted as a gift set as your own personal Spring almanac box.

The classic cleanse pack - Cleanse your home and rid any dust and stagnant energy.

Five Holy Woods - Blessings, protection, invite sweet positive light, repel negativity and cleanse your home. Invite in new energy.

Chakra aromatherapy room sprays - Use these sprays to aid any mediation work and release any blockages you feel are holding you back as you enter your renewal phase.

Root chakra spray - your root chakra is connected to feeling secure and grounded.

Sacral chakra spray - This chakra is for your pleasure, emotions and feelings.

Third Eye spray - This chakra is for connection to a higher source, psychic, clairvoyance and intuition.

Solar Plexus spray - This chakra is connected to your personality, ego, authenticity and freedom of choice.

Note books - make a list of things you wish you would have said and couldn't, writing these down helps to release these emotions. Self reflection is a powerful self care ritual for spring to support our shedding and rebirth.

White Sage aroma oil - Gives a positive boost to closed spaces, neutralises smoke and odour.

Palmistry storage box - Use this box as your personal self care storage, a sacred tools box of magick!!!

Tigers Eye ring - grounding wood energy offering protection and promoting creativity. The perfect stone for any creatove blockages and helps you move forward.

Tigers Eye necklace.

Green Tourmaline necklace - A stone of growth, expansion and new beginnings. Targets the Heart chakra dissolving anger, bitterness and helps facilitate forgiveness.

Aquamarine necklace - March's birthstone.

Peridot necklace - A stone for attracting wealth, health, happiness and love. Generally known as the compassion stone.

Thank you for your time reading this article, I am always open to any requests for future blog articles so please do send me a message if there is anything you wish to know about.

Love & Prana.