This cleanse pack is perfect for those starting out on their smudge journey or if you simply need to replenish your tools.


Featuring a 4 inch White Sage smudge stick, a stick of Palo Santo, a sustainable shell and a reusable sacred tools bag. 


White Sage has powerful antimicrobial, anti fungal and medicinal properties. Not only does this sacred herb cleanse our space and the air we breathe, smudging can aid mindfulness as it makes us more aware and present within our self help practice and its great for aromatherapy as the smell contains therapeutic properties.


Palo Santo is a wonderful healer for relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. This holy wood is also great for headaches.

These tools make a great addition before starting any therapeutic practice.

Traditionally both of these were used for their energising and healing properties, to purify air, dispel evil spirits, and cleanse negative energy.

It is important to honour and respect these plants along with their history.


Please note, we only buy from small, indigenous-owned businesses and all items are grown sustainably and organic. To learn more about herbs and their uses take a look at our smudge guide in the Journal section.

Classic Cleanse pack