A large 9 inch Sage Spirit smudge stick with Smudge pot. The pot is the perfect size to stump out the smudge stick and catch the ash.


Desert Sage has more of a warm aroma and is preferred by many to White Sage for its more pleasant aroma. For this reason Desert Sage may be more desirable for use in small spaces such as yoga studios or any other therapeutic spaces.


Copal is a type of tree resin used for spiritual cleansing and clearing. Together this is a wonderful smelling smudge stick being sweet and slightly pine-y.


Used for cleansing, purifying, inner strength and protection. Makes a wonderful addition to the Five Holy Woods pack.


Comes with an instructional leaflet.
Please note all pots are of different designs and will be chosen at random.

Large Desert Sage and Copal smudge with Pot