A selection of five holy woods chosen for their unique properties and healing abilities.

Featuring one stick of each; Cedar, Juniper, Pinion, Sage and Palo Santo. Comes in a reusable sacred tools bag. All items are sustainably sourced, free of pesticides supporting indigenous communities only.


Cedar - Used for blessings and offerings. Wise grounding energy.
Juniper - Guards against sickness and generally used for protection. Creates a positive and protective healing space.
Pinion - Invites positivity and light. Amazing smell, also repels mosquitoes.
Sage - Cleansing of negativity, reduces stress, anxiety and aids concentration.
Palo Santo - Clears out negativity, great for stress, anxiety, depression and headaches.


How to use:

‘Wash’ persons, properties or objects with the smoke.

Burn the wood as you would light an incense or smudge stick; allow to burn momentarily, blow out the flame then ember. May beed to be re lit. The more the wood is lit, the easier it is to keep the ember going.

Five Holy Woods