These amulets are used to raise funds to help the temples producing the amulets in Thailand. Generally worshippers can obtain an amulet or Thai Buddhist monk blessing by simply donating money or offering oil to the temple. Each of these traditional amulets have been blessed by Buddhist Monks and purchased from these temples in Thailand.

Not only were these considered a sacred gift, they’re seen as tools to help enhance luck in different aspects of life. People use amulets to improve their marriage, wealth, health, love and relationships.

Amulets vary in size, shape, and materials such as plaster, clay, incense ash, wood, or metal.

These amulets are both spiritual and mystical items providing good karma and luck.


The price is for one amulet and will be chosen at random out if this selection, if you are after a specific one please send a message.

Thai Buddhist Blessed Amulet.