This pack features everything you need to support your holistic journey with a wide selection of herbs and woods, all chosen for their unique characteristics.




A 4 inch White Sage smudge stick - Cleanses air and space. Dispels negative energy, anti bacterial, improves mood and quality of sleep.

A large 7 inch Triple Goddess smudge stick - (Motherwort, Maiden Sage and Cronewort/Mugwort) - A Powerful womb healer. All these herbs have feminine energy. Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) was named after Greek goddess Artemis, for she was the goddess of the hunt and a patron for women and childbirth. A powerful feminine herb!


A large 7 inch Vision Quest smudge stick - (Blue Sage, Osha Root, Red Willow, Fennel and Mullein) - Powerful cleanser of the body, relaxes the mind to aid meditation work. A great combination of herbs for viral infections including Pneumonia. A wonderful smudge to have at the moment during the pandemic.

Selection of 5 holy woods - One stick of each; Juniper, Cedar, Pinion, Sage and Palo Santo.
All these woods are great for cleansing, protection, blessings, harmonising the spirit and to de-clutter the mind.


A large shell - a sustainable alternative to the Abalone shell.

Comes in a reusable sacred tools bag.

Please remember, It is extremely important to honour and respect these plants along with their history.

We only buy from small, indigenous-owned businesses supporting sustainable methods and each item is completely organic.
To learn more about herbs and their uses take a look at our smudge guide in the Journal section.

Ultimate Smudge & meditation pack